What is Pump to the River?

Pump to the River is a citizen's organization proposing a new pumping station to benefit approximately 100,000 residents of Orleans and Jefferson Parishes.

The organization is advocating for Congressional funding for the construction of this project, which will reduce the risks of flooding for 10,000 acres of the two parishes by diverting 25% of the 17th St Canal's drainage capacity from Lake Pontchartrain to the Mississippi River.


PTR proposes a new 2,400 CFS (cubic ft per sec) pumping station to divert 25% of the 17th St. Canal’s present drainage away from Lake Pontchartrain by pumping it through a pipeline to the Mississippi River.

 PTR’s objective is to lower the risk of flooding for about 80,000 residents of New Orleans and 20,000 residents of Jefferson. 


Mission Statement

We seek to reduce the risks of flooding to the approximately 100,000 citizens of Orleans and Jefferson Parishes served by the 17th St. Canal sytem through the construction of a new 2,400 CFS capacity pumping station to divert Hoey's Basin drainage to the Mississippi River. We believe that diverting 25% of the present 17th Canal drainage capacity will reduce the risks of flooding by:

1. Adding redundancy to the methods for removing area drainage.
2. Reducing risks of failure to the 17th St. Canal Walls.
3. Providing an emergency pathway for the Monticello Canal via gates.
4. Providing emergency dewatering capability for the entire 17th St. Canal Drainage Basin in the event of overall system failure.
5. Simplifying construction of both Option 1 and Option 2*, thereby reducing costs of both, since 25% of current drainage volumes could be diverted to the Mississippi River.

* These two options describe community-based alternatives to the US Army Corps of Engineers. Option 1 for the 17th St Canal, which relies on a new gated pumping station at Lake Pontchartrain that would be operated in tandem with the 1920s-era pumping station. Option 2 proposes to deepen the canal, eliminate its raised walls and to eliminate Pump Station #6.